Why I’m Walking

From an early age I was always interested in the outdoors and travel. I was a member of the cubs, then the scouts. I joined an outdoor activity group at school when I got older and went away for weekends around the Cheviots backpacking or staying in outdoor centres before moving on to the DoE.

My Dad is a keen walker himself having completed the Pennine Way a few years ago and he used to take me out walking with him. I also got the chance to travel abroad with my mother, brothers and grandparents. I still remember my first trip on a plane and my Granddad pretending to pedal to get the plane going.

While my childhood wasn’t without problems I had a good upbringing and was lucky to have the opportunities I did to go out and make my own adventures. The kids that the Youth Adventure Trust helps don’t have those opportunities and so I made the decision to try and raise some money.

This charity relies on donations to keep going and the work they do is awesome. They take vulnerable or disadvantaged children and put them on an outdoor programme to learn skills and build their confidence up. They show them that there are good things in life and that they have a future.

I never had to be a full time carer for my grandmother at 11. Or had to walk two hours because my parents didn’t care enough to drop me off at a bus stop to go away for a weekend with school. Or actually just take me places. Some of the things I have read and have been told were heart-breaking and will keep me going throughout the walks. Not only that but the support of my friends and family, and in particular my nieces and nephews, whom I want to share my experiences with.

Through my walks I want to inspire kids and adults to realise that there is a whole country to explore on their doorstep. They don’t have to climb Kilamanjoro or ride a bike across the desert (although great if they do) Everyone has the ability to go on adventures whether it be a day, a weekend or a few months. Just dare to take that step, have the heart to carry it through and the rest will fall into place.

I just need your help. I’m up for the challenge (and it will be tough) so please visit my Just Giving Page and donate what you can. And please share the link with your friends and family.