I made the crazy decision to walk Lands End to John O’Groats last year. I was going through a tough time and needed to focus my energies on something positive.

Without any previous long distance walking experience I went to Stanfords and picked up a load of books for inspiration.

I always had a dream to walk from Newcastle to London, following the train lines, but never really got round to it. And LEJOG was something that had been discussed before. It was a big project that would keep me busy.

After looking at the logistics I decided to do some training walks in the run up to it. Walking Hadrian’s Wall, The Reivers’ Way and Wainwright’s Coast to Coast were all chances to see how I would cope and test kit out.

The LEJOG route was taken from the Cicerone End to End guide which meant I could tick off a number of national trails along the way but rather than head east when I reached Fort William I decided to incorporate The Cape Wrath trail. Another crazy decision but I’ve heard it’s one of the toughest walks in the UK so I had to do it while I had the chance. This meant I was walking 1,300 miles over 2-3 months.

The walk was all about seeking out adventure and challenging myself mentally & physically but I figured I could try and do some good. So I made the decision to walk for The Youth Adventure Trust.

This has helped me focus more on why I’m doing it and when it gets tough I have another reason to keep going.