Monthly Archives: October 2016

Why A Rename

My original intention for this blog was to write about the planning and training that went into the LEJOG walk and other adventures I had in the build up to it. With LEJOG finishing earlier this year I had to have a think about whether to keep it going and how.

Firstly I’m no longer “walking north”. I’m now actually working towards obtaining my Mountain Leader qualifications, looking to take my climbing more seriously and planning some other adventures over the next few years. So its more about the experiences I have while doing these activities than charting my progress on a “walk north”.

I also also want the freedom to write about other things in life without it just being an outdoor blog. I know I could have left the name as it was and done just that but it was important for me to move on and reflect this.

Finally, finding my writing style is important and I don’t want to succumb to publishing boring tales of where I went and what I did. I want to convey my experiences in a different, almost visceral, style. To express the emotions and target the interesting aspects of whatever I’m doing. So this blog is about practicing my writing and hopefully making it engaging enough for people to keep reading regardless of the subject matter.

If you do read and enjoy my blog posts and want to give some feedback then please feel free to get in touch. Its nice to hear that people are enjoying my writing but I know I have to work on it so I’m happy to take on board any advice or suggestions.