Wild Night Out

On July the 16th Explorers Connect are asking people to have an adventure. Whether it’s a night camping out, walking in the hills or even a multi day event, they are encouraging you to be part of a community of people to get outdoors and have a Wild Night Out. The idea is to promote your adventure and raise money for The Youth Adventure Trust who help and encourage disadvantaged kids to get outdoors.

It doesn’t have to be a big bold adventure. If you live in a town or city and can’t get out to the wild then camp in your back garden and cook marshmallows, go for a walk along the beach and take a moonlight swim, take a walk in the woods, build a den and play hide and seek, spend a day on your bikes exploring the many wonderful cycle paths we have in the country and, if you have children, get them outside to enjoy it as well.

Being outdoors can have a massive impact on your life (as I’ve written about before) and I think society has changed since I was a kid. Far too much emphasis is placed on doing well at school, being safe and not going out playing in the wild. Kids should be outside exploring, using their imagination and enjoying the outdoors, not stuck inside in front of a TV playing computer games or binging on box sets.

I have written about The Youth Adventure Trust before and, if you want to know more about this wonderful charity, then visit their website. And if you do get out on the 16th then post photos on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #wildnightout. If you can’t get out then take some time to visit the website and make a donation. For the price of a pint you can still help and make a difference to a kids life.

I’m walking LEJOG to raise awareness of this charity and will personally be in Youlgreave having my own Wild Night Out. What will you be doing?


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