Yorkshire Three Peaks

Last year I planned to complete the Yorkshire Three Peaks but because of a long drive down from Scotland the day before, it didn’t happen. Just too damn tired to get up early enough to start.

So when I planned my walks this year I wanted to try a few micro-adventures or days out walking and figured why not get a train and do this. It’ll be good training.


First impression of Horton? It really is in the middle of no where. One pub and the Peny-Ghent cafe (which never seemed to be open) Not even a shop to buy provisions. Luckily I had a few things and my hosts were very friendly. Even acting as a taxi service to and from the pub, the station and the start point of the walk. I can’t recommend staying at the Pen-y_ghent B&B enough and if I find myself doing more walking in the area I will be back. 

When I got off the train and looked over at Pen-y-Ghent I couldn’t see it. It was covered in mist which was fine with me. I managed to catch another look later on and there was patches of snow. Even better. I like a challenge.

I ate a hearty meal at the pub and went back to the accomodation. Having had a late night previously it was very welcome and I embraced sleep.

My alarm kicked into life at 05:30 and I dragged myself up. Not even god was awake that early but I wanted a good crack at the time.  

After an excellent and very filling breakfast I was dropped off and set off towards Pen-y-Ghent. The weather was overcast and cloudy but there was no rain forecast. It wasn’t warm but not freezing. Perfect conditions.



Pen-y-Ghent wasn’t that bad with a nice little scramble. I was up in under an hour with a nice easy descent. I had planned my own route down towards Whernside to save some time and it seemed to have done the trick.

I arrived at the foot of Whernside and was up by 11:30. I couldn’t believe the time I was making. However the descent really took its toil on me and I started to flag.

By the time I got to Ingleborough my legs were aching but I powered through. Ingleborough was by far the hardest of the three. There is a slow steady ascent to the foot with a steep scramble up to the top.




The flat top offered little protection from the cold wind so I had a 5 minute break and walked back down to finish at Selside. The traditional finishing point is Horton but I’m not one for collecting trophies. I had got round the peaks in under 8 hours and could have easily made it to Horton. But this was a training exercise with Hadrians Wall in mind for the weekend after so I had done enough

The question was how I would feel after a long day’s walk with a couple of peaks to climb. Truthfully? I was stiff but the stretches I was given helped. And after a day? My ankle feels a little stiff (I felt it go a little coming down from Whernside) but overall I’m good.

Lessons learnt? Concentrate. I missed a feature and it made my life harder. I recovered but if I had caught it sooner I would have saved myself some aggravation. 

Also realised I could survive a long day on a good breakfast, a bag of jelly babies and trail mix. And plenty of water. Although I wont be doing that every day for 2-3 months.


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