Wainwrights Coast to Coast

The third adventure of the year will be Wainwrights Coast to Coast. I wanted to complete this on bike a few years ago but never got round to it. Story of my previous life.
This walks takes two weeks and will be a challenge so I’m taking my time. Saying that I’ve shaved the days down to 10. I must be crazy but I want to push myself and think I can manage it.
Again solo so plenty of wild camping and being on my own but I’ve split it up to include a few camp sites to socialise a bit, charge things and get a shower.

Food resupply will be scare so i’m trying to stay at places near pubs to get a good substantial meal where I can after each walking day. But I know I can’t rely on that so will be carrying a lot of food and take the chance to resupply whenever I can.

The route I have planned is:

– St Bees to Ennerdale Bridge 15 miles
– Ennerdale to Grasmere 22 miles
– Grasmere to Shap 22 miles
– Shap to Kirkby Stephen 20 miles
– Kirkby to Reeth 22 miles
– Reeth to Bolton on Swale 17 miles
– Bolton to Ingelby Cross 15.5 miles
– Ingelby to Claytop Bank 11.5 miles
– Claytop to Glasidale 15 miles
– Glaisdale to Robin Hoods Bay 18 miles

So this will be my last long distance walk before LEJOG. I decided to leave London earlier than I wanted so when I finish I’ll be going back to Newcastle for a few weeks before heading back down to start LEJOG. Now thats a trek I am looking forward to and will take a few blog posts to get through.


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