Monthly Archives: February 2016

Letting Go

Letting go of something is hard. Either by choice, circumstance or a factor out of your control. Whether it be possessions, a career, a friend, a loved one, a marriage, a girlfriend, a former life. 

I have found myself struggling with this over the last few months. I changed my life and let go of a lot of things last year. It was easy at the time but it came back to bite me hard as my life crashed around me.

Not only did I walk out on a marriage but I let go of the only place I have called home. I moved my life to a new city. I was escaping something I no longer wanted and chasing something I didn’t really know.

I knew things weren’t right in my marriage for a while but stuffed those feelings away. When a chance meeting with someone who would turn my life upside down came about I wasn’t prepared. I just made the decision to let go, run down to London and shut everything else out. 

When that fell apart I tried desperately to keep hold of what I had but ended up pushing the girl away. I didn’t listen and respect her feelings and would now be lucky if she even spoke to me.

But the memories linger. So I am letting go for my own sanity and before I do any more damage.

I made plans to change my life late last year and they are so far on course. I know what direction I am moving in, I want to find myself and who I am more as I let go and move on again. The next 10 months are going to shape me and determine what I am willing to go through to find the sort of life I want.

I just hope one day I find that someone who never wants to let me go.


Wainwrights Coast to Coast

The third adventure of the year will be Wainwrights Coast to Coast. I wanted to complete this on bike a few years ago but never got round to it. Story of my previous life.
This walks takes two weeks and will be a challenge so I’m taking my time. Saying that I’ve shaved the days down to 10. I must be crazy but I want to push myself and think I can manage it.
Again solo so plenty of wild camping and being on my own but I’ve split it up to include a few camp sites to socialise a bit, charge things and get a shower.

Food resupply will be scare so i’m trying to stay at places near pubs to get a good substantial meal where I can after each walking day. But I know I can’t rely on that so will be carrying a lot of food and take the chance to resupply whenever I can.

The route I have planned is:

– St Bees to Ennerdale Bridge 15 miles
– Ennerdale to Grasmere 22 miles
– Grasmere to Shap 22 miles
– Shap to Kirkby Stephen 20 miles
– Kirkby to Reeth 22 miles
– Reeth to Bolton on Swale 17 miles
– Bolton to Ingelby Cross 15.5 miles
– Ingelby to Claytop Bank 11.5 miles
– Claytop to Glasidale 15 miles
– Glaisdale to Robin Hoods Bay 18 miles

So this will be my last long distance walk before LEJOG. I decided to leave London earlier than I wanted so when I finish I’ll be going back to Newcastle for a few weeks before heading back down to start LEJOG. Now thats a trek I am looking forward to and will take a few blog posts to get through.

Reivers Way – My Way

My next long distance walk after Hadrians Wall takes place at the end of April. Eight days walking in Northumberland.

I chose this because I spent my childhood walking in the Cheviots. The remoteness of the moors and hills, the beautiful scenery, not seeing anyone for days and the unpredictable weather. Perfect practice for LEJOG. Also, my Dad reckons we might be descendants of the Border Reivers. A bunch of cattle bandits. That figures.This walk isn’t an official marked trail so it will test my map reading techniques. Its also one where I will be spending a lot of time on my own wild camping. I have one day half way where I stop in a bunkhouse to recharge, resupply and shower in Rothbury. Other than that its camping all the way.

I used the Cicerone guide to get a basic idea of the route. Its normally done in 9 days but I’ve shaved a day off. I mapped it out on OS Maps so that will be a test of the usability of the maps they produce.

The walk starts in Corbridge and heads south, skirting round Hexham to Allendale Town. Then up to Wark, Elsdon, Rothbury, Usway Ford, up Cheviot (which will take me back to childhood, the last time I climbed it) and into Wooler. From there I head towards the coast via Belford to Bamburgh before heading down the coast to Alnmouth. Pretty much taking in a lot of what Northumberland has to offer.

Again this will be a challenging walk for me. On my own for big periods, more wild camping and long walking days. I will have 14-15 hours of daylight which will help. It also means I have to maybe think about carrying more as resupply places are scare. Given that I will take advantage of every pub or cafe I see along the way.

These are the stages I’m aiming for:

– Corbridge to Allendale Town 17.5 miles
– Allendale to Wark 22 miles
– Wark to Elsdon 16 miles
– Elsdon to Rothbury 13 miles
– Rothbury to Usway Ford 20 miles
– Usway Ford to Wooler 15 miles
– Wooler to Bamburgh 1 7 miles
– Bamburg to Alnmouth 21 miles

So thats my second walk of the year planned and booked in. Looking forward to it.